“I’ve got something to say”
A lecture series presented by people who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

More about this lecture series:

Twice a year we plan to highlight a different speaker with a topic of their choice to share.

All presenters are paid for their presentations. We value their input and believe they should be paid appropriately. Attendance at these workshops ensures that we can continue to provide this opportunity to our presenters.

  • Hear directly from those who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) about a range of topics, including their experiences perspectives, and topics of expertise or interest.
  • Others who use AAC can meet and learn from those who are competent users of their system.
  • A great opportunity for people who use AAC, their families, and service providers to network and socialise.
  • This lecture will be of interest to people who use AAC, their families, friends, service providers and those who make policy or funding decisions


AAC In the Inclusive Classroom:
Max, Pete and Matt are an awesome AAC team in a mainstream classroom and, when paired with a great group of classmates, it’s a recipe for success.
​​​​Max is a 12 year old boy who wants to learn like everyone else. Max has both a PODD communication book and eye gaze device to support his communication and learning requirements. His SSO, Pete and teacher, Matt, are there to help, but Max is encouraged to take an active role in his own learning.
They shared with us their challenges and successes in making AAC part of the mainstream classroom. Teacher Matt shared how he sees the PODD as an excellent tool for literacy instruction, Pupil Max told us how he loved watching his peers struggle to learn the PODD and how he can do what everyone else in the class can do and SSO Pete summed up the lecture with these words; “Anything is possible, but it’s about embracing it and giving it a go”.

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