Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

Available Monday – Friday

Janelle has worked for over 25 years as a speech pathologist in both Australia and Canada. She established Two Way Street in 2011.

Janelle is the founder of Two Way Street, and her passion is working with children and adults with complex communications needs who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Janelle has extensive experience with individuals of varied diagnoses,  in all settings including home, childcare, schools (mainstream and supported learning), and in the workplace or social setting.
She has a strong focus on integration of communication into ‘real’ life experiences, relationships and learning, as well as positive emotional development and well-being for individuals with complex communication needs.
Janelle has presented numerous workshops and presentations to parents, teachers and other professionals or groups.
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Employment experience includes both adults and children in the following:

  • Non-government organisations who provide services to children with disabilities
  • State based project providing services to people 0-65 years with complex communication needs
  • Community health services – early intervention programs
  • School therapy program
  • Adult rehabilitation and nursing home program

Primary area of focus is working with children and adults who have little or no speech (complex communication needs)

Extensive experience in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) which includes picture, symbol and word boards/books, speech generating devices, iPads/iPods, key word signs, body language and gesture.

  • Certified PODD (Pragmatically Organised Dynamic Display books) presenter
  • Attended AGOSCI 5 day Introductory and 5 day Advanced Literacy Intensive course for people with complex communication needs.
    Experience in further developing oral speech for children with little or no speech and has completed Introduction to PROMPT technique training
  • Particular focus on the use of iOS devices as a primary communication device or integrated into a person’s overall communication system
  • Significant experience with those who require alternate access to their communication system such as a scanning, eye gaze, etc.
  • A particular interest and passion for the emotional development, well being and development of self determination in people with complex communication need

Qualifications: Master of Speech-Language Pathology, University of Alberta, Canada, 1999
Bachelor of Speech Therapy, University of Queensland, 1990

Memberships: Speech Pathology Australia, AGOSCI